About the Faculty

The Faculty has existed since 1 October 1976, when it was given the name: Technical Physics and Applied Mathematics (FTiMS). The first Dean of the Faculty was Prof. Jan Karniewicz.

In 1994, after launching Information Technology studies, the Faculty gained a new, expanded name:

Faculty of Technical Physics, Information Technology and Applied Mathematics (FTIMS)

The Faculty consists of:

At present, the Faculty educates students in the following fields of study:

Positive, unconditional accreditation ratings confirm the high level of education at the Faculty of FTIMS.

The power of tradition and innovation

A common feature of all study programmes is their adaptation to market needs and emphasis on the applicability of the transferred knowledge. Our students carry out projects and diploma theses on demand and in cooperation with external companies, they participate in research and implementation work conducted by faculty units. They successfully participate in specialist competitions, such as Team Game Development Competition (ZTGK), and international competitions, such as Imagine Cup. They are also frequent recipients of scholarships from the Ministry of Science and Higher Education.

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