Science for the society

Research carried out at the Faculty of Technical Physics, Information Technology and Applied Mathematics (FTIMS) contributes to the development of new technologies, improvement of the quality of life and human health protection. We also deliver innovative theories, tools and solutions for digital reconstruction and visualization of cultural heritage.
Treść (rozbudowana)
Ekran komputera
Innovative system of colour reading using sounds. It is based on a motion sensor and algorithm of mapping images to sound.
Ekran telefonu
The project allows one to examine the viewer's reactions and emotions during the film projection, as well as to improve image quality in 3D productions.
laboratorium fizycze
The study of biogenic crystals formed in the human urinary tract allows us to learn about substances inhibiting the formation and growth of kidney stones.
Zespół dra hab. Piotra Napieralskiego
Researchers from the Institute of Information Technology were awarded in Rector's competition for the best description of the impact on the functioning of society and economy
Pierwszy w Polsce laser VCSEL
Researchers from the Institute of Physics, Lodz University of Technology, jointly with Warsaw University of Technology and VIGO System, have developed the first Polish prototype of vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser (VCSEL). It is the smallest source of laser light.

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