Professor Jolanta Prywer’s paper published in the prestigious journal Science

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Biogenic crystals are crystals that grow inside or under the influence of living organisms. Their forms are very diverse and the process of their growth is extremely complex. This fascinating research topic attracted the attention of a top journal “Science”.


- The research into biogenic crystals may lead to a variety of applications. The understanding of how they are formed, what role they play in living organisms and what physical properties they possess may benefit the society in many ways. The findings may be applied in fields such as medicine or even in the fight against the effects of climate change, explains the author, prof. Jolanta Prywer, the leader of Biogenic Crystals Research Group at the Institute of Physics.

An article written by Professor Jolanta Prywer has been published in the journal Science.

Artykuł prof. Joanny Prywer na stronie "Science"


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